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Baby Fish from Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Atlantic Ocean*



American Eel
Ocean Perch
Snake Blenny
Daubed Shanny

American Plaice

Atlantic Wolffish
Arctic Shanny
Radiated Shanny
Silver Hake
Atlantic Herring
Sea Raven
Shorthorn Sculpin
Atlantic Mackerel
Witch Flounder
Smooth Flounder
Longhorn Sculpin
Rock Gunnel
Greenland Halibut
Atlantic Cod
Ocean Pout
Atlantic Soft Pout
American Sand Lance
Fourbeard Rockling

*These baby fish from the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence were documented and studied through a decade of cruises planned and designed by the Fisheries Research Board of Canada and conducted by the Groundfish Investigation of the Biological Station, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Government of Canada. After most of the cruises were completed, the author was asked to come to St. Andrews for a period of time to help identify and organize the data for the larval fish. Sally Gadd, an illustrator, in collaboration with Dr. Daniel J. Faber, carefully illustrated these Baby Fish from the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence with a black pen on drawing paper; then Darin Jay Faber, a graphic designer, digitized these drawings with a Macintosh (TM) computer using the program Photoshop (TM). The illustrations of these larval fish from the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, as shown in this Web site, were drawn with funds from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Government of Canada. The original black and white drawings are being stored away from light in a museum- type black box. The actual specimens illustrated in this Web site were lost during moving operations within the National Museum of Natural Sciences. The early beginnings of the descriptions of Atlantic Ocean larval fish began with E. Ehrenbaum's publication of 1905 and 1909 entitled: Eier und Larven von Fischen; published in: Nordisches Plankton, Zoologischer Teil, Erster Band, 413 pages, by Verlag von Lipsius & Tischer, Kiel und Leipzig, Germany. The common names, scientific names and describers of species from the Gulf of St. Lawrence in this web Site follow: A.H. Leim and W.B. Scott. 1966. Fishes of the Atlantic Coast, and W.B. Scott and M.G. Scott. 1988. Atlantic Fishes of Canada. Much of the detailed information in this Web site, The Baby Fishes of Canada , was obtained from published and unpublished studies relating to these Atlantic Ocean species (Refs. 10, 11, 20, 26, 27, 28, 30- 34, 40 and 41). Below is the map of the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence where this decade of cruises took place.

                 MAP OF THE GULF OF ST. LAWRENCE

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