The three illustrations, below, show very different sizes of baby fish. The babies of fish vary considerably in size, depending upon the species and/or their stage of development. It is a real technical problem to obtain a living specimen of 3 or 4 mm from a large body of water.

Figure 1) Fourbeard Rockling baby, 3 mm (0.09 in.) long. Fourbeard rocklings are found along the Canadian Maritimes in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Figure 2) Sailfin Sculpin baby, 9 mm (0.3 in.) long. Sailfin Sculpins are found in Barkley Sound and along the coast of British Columbia in the Pacific Ocean.


Figure 3) Wrymouth baby, 18 mm (0.7 in.) long. Wrymouths are found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and along the coast of the Canadian Maritimes in the Atlantic Ocean.