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Baby Fish from Freshwater Lakes and Streams*

A Look at Baby Fish in Lakes and Ponds in the Ottawa, Ontario, Area



Lake Whitefish
Iowa Darter
Lake Chubsucker
Smallmouth Blackbass
Brook Silverside
Banded Killifish
Yellow Walleye
Yellow Perch
Longnose Gar
Rainbow Smelt
Mottled Sculpin
Brook Stickleback
Common White Sucker
Spoonhead Sculpin
Nine-Spine Stickleback
Deepwater Sculpin
Emerald Shiner
Golden Shiner
Iowa Darter

The author was personally involved in the field work and basic research of the early lives of many of these freshwater species. Sally Gadd, a freelance illustrator, in collaboration with Dr. Daniel J. Faber, carefully illustrated these fresh water baby fish with a black pen on drawing paper; then Darin Jay Faber, a graphic designer, digitized these drawings with a Macintosh (TM) computer using the program Photoshop (TM). The original black and white drawings are being stored away from light in a museum-type black box. The illustrations of these larval fish from several lakes in Ontario and Quebec, as shown in this Web site, were drawn with funds from the National Museum of Natural Sciences, (now the Canadian Museum of Nature) Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. The actual specimens illustrated in this Web site were lost during moving operations within the National Museum of Natural Sciences. The early beginnings of the descriptions of freshwater larval fish began with Marie Poland Fish's publication of 1932 entitled: Contributions to the early life of sixty two species of fishes from Lake Erie and its tributary waters; published by the United States Bureau of Fisheries, Bulletin 47(10): 293-398. The common names, scientific names and describers of the freshwater fish in the present web Site follow: W.B. Scott and E.J. Crossman, 1973, Freshwater Fishes of Canada. Details concerning the early life of these individual species were obtained from a variety of sources and personal experiences. Much of the information in this Web site was obtained from published and unpublished studies relating to these freshwater species (Refs.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,18, 20, 22, 25, 26, 37, and 41).

Baby Fish in Lakes and Ponds in the Ottawa, Ontario Area

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